Mobile ticket payment

Mobile ticket payment

Proof of concept study into mobile ticket payment.

UX- & Visual Design


Being a conductor is a busy job. Keeping trains ride on time, is just one of many tasks. Facilitating deferred payment being one of them. Meaning a traveller can pay for their ticket on the train. A lengthy process taking up precious time.

How might we ease direct payment on the train? During a sprint week, we challenged our client in reframing an ideal fare payment flow.

My role

During a sprint week, many colleagues at Clockwork worked on this case. I sketched preliminary screens for a mobile payment application.

During this process I kept a strong focus on usability and development, since we involved users and developers since the start. I worked on two mobile prototypes, that mimicked a mobile payment scenario. While doing this, I worked with the clients' styleguide, and designing custom elements on the fly.



One way of helping conductors might be through facilitating faster payment. During one week, we worked together to explore opportunities for mobile payment. We tested this feature for feasibility with conductors, and they were delighted by the idea.

Together with the clients'team, we worked out our findings and came to a 2.0 version of our application, which will be tested in the near future with conductors.



We successfully validated a proof of concept, over the course of just one week. Using the sprint methodology proved once again to be a perfect technique for this.

Our client was satisfied with the results, when results from early tests came in. Soon the application will be pushed to the next level with updated designs and functionality.

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