Digital Cultivation Support

Digital Cultivation Support

Cultivation support for HZPC potato farmers around the globe.

UX - & Visual Design


HZPC is an innovative global market leader in potato breeding. They provide farmers around the world with topnotch potato seedlings. In order for these seedlings to grow under varying conditions, HZPC relies heavily on its R&D lab.

Since no breed is the same, growing advice varies a lot. Together with different literacy levels of farmers, we can only imagine that there is a need for a localised solution. The HZPC cultivation support pilot study targets just that. Providing farmers with the information they need.

My role

We started out with a value discovery trajectory. In this way we helped HZPC define their true goals in regards to farmer support. Along the way we matched different user needs, with business goals.

After this I defined rough core screens for the application. Leaving details behind, focusing on the bare minimum functionalities for an MVP. In a next phase, I translated these screens into designs. Using Google Material Design baseline elements, complemented with HZPC styleguide. This deliverables were shipped to our Android developers.



We kept closely in touch with clients and stakeholders. Debriefing our findings every sprint, keeping as closely involved as possible. The helped us out tremendously with all ins and outs of an impressive business.

During the annual HZPC Potato Days we presented our prototype to fifteen farmers. Their origin ranging from South Africa to Romania, Brazil. These findings are documented and presented back to our clients.



The digital cultivation support application is part of an ongoing pilot test, currently running in South Africa. Results will be further implemented into a 2.0 version. This is yet another step for HZPC in maintaining a competitive leader in potato breeding around the globe.



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